"I wonder if the reason I kept being cast in those underdog roles was because I’m so optimistic and hopeful, and that bleeds through into all of my characters. So all of these girls who were oppressed in various ways always had this positive quality. A kind of fearlessness. Maybe optimism, and positivity, and a belief in life are just other ways of saying fearlessness."

The Neoclassical Era + concept art

"Do you ever get used to it? …the killing?"
"Faster than you can imagine."

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

The price of freedom is a high price and it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Don’t let control take the place of freedom.

In all the c h a o s you found your wife and boy. Then he was shot and he survived. That tells you nothing?

It tells me God’s got a strange sense of humor.


Juan Salgado


Juan Salgado


Does Tumblr even realise that right now Scotland is voting on whether or not to become an independent country and leave the UK?


it’s the scottish independence referendum tomorrow

or as i like to call it

the great british break off